STORIES FOR MY KIDS-TO-BE PT. 1: The Little Things

STORIES FOR MY KIDS-TO-BE PT. 1: The Little Things

Sometimes its a collection of the little things that make up the best narratives.
Not the huge events or the shocking moments, but the small portions of happiness you experience back to back.

Tonight was one of those nights, so welcome to my first ever documented story for my kids-to-be.

Today I felt swamped in school work, completely absorbed in my tests and quizzes trying so hard to just get everything done. I was super stressed and felt like I was almost in a daze, one of those funky moods you get when you aren’t sad but you don’t feel like yourself. This happens when I go too long without talking to anyone or sitting in my room by myself. I start to think too much about every single thing that I begin to lose track of everything at the same time. It’s like there is so much going on in my mind that I can’t pick anything to focus on and create a daze around myself. college, soccer, friends, boys… literally everything. So whenever I do get to this point an easy fix is face timing my friends and hearing their voice and talking to them for a bit or just interacting with another human in general.

So today as I sit there feeling funky as can be and longing for someone to connect with. I call Victor and Skye, two of my best friends who are always down to do anything and who I know I can always have the best time with.

Victor told me that his coworkers and him were all hanging out and since I know a majority of them, I could come, I obviously said of course.

we went to their bosses apartment complex in the recreation area. there were couches and a stereo, a pool and pool table, a gym and yoga studio… it was literally the perfect place to have fun.

We got there at 8 o clock and by the time 11 hit everyone was gone but us. we stayed there until 1 in the morning and would have stayed longer but Paul Blart, Virginia Beach edition, kicked us out. ( if you don’t get the reference he was a security guard, like Paul Blart mall cop but for the apartments.)

we spent the whole night fighting with yoga balls and getting way too competitive in pool while screaming at thotiana to bust it down. we had way too much left over DiGiorno pizza and way too much energy. As I sat there on the couch laying at the ceiling, taking a break from everything, Skye and Tristen chase each other around the clubhouse tickling and wrestling each-other, and Victor takes his shot in our game of pool, all I could think about is how lucky I am to have these friends and be able to experience moments exactly like these. It’s what I live for.

We went back to Skye’s after and practiced prom make up for next week, listened to music, and talked about all the messes we had gotten ourselves into at the time.

After a while, I realized I didn’t touch my phone once, other than to record in the yoga studio, all night, I was genuinely enjoying my time with my people.

Victor and Skye show me good times like no one else has and I’m so thankful or all my little mental scrapbooks of memories I’ve collected over the course of our friendship.

sometimes its a collection of the little narratives that make up the best stories.

so recognize them when they come and go, be present in them, and smile about them later.



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